MarmiDesign calitatea are un singur nume

We have been working on the market since 2001, in order to create high quality products and make our clients completely satisfied.
We want to offer something that is really elegant and charming for those people who want to be surrounded by an unique atmosphere.
Our core activity is located in Tatarani village, in the middle of the Prahova area (Ploiesti Cintura Ovest).
We are used to importing raw materials, such as marble and granite, from different countries all over the world: Italy, China, Brasil, India, etc… in order to have a wide range of shades and nuances. The surface can be glossy, flame, silk and rough etc.

We give our customers the possibility to have natural stones in different shapes and sizes and, even marble slabs. Marble slabs could be processed to obtain parapets, windowsills, shelves, stairs,…

As an alternative to natural stone there’s a composite one made of: marble, granite, quartz, which is particularly suitable for interiors. There are different forms of slabs with different sizes, these ones, as natural materials, can be processed to obtain windowsills, floors, stairs, parapets etc.